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About Me.

Jamal is a reformed do-nothing, who went from sitting at home playing games and watching TV, to being an overwhelmed high-aimer with no time and no direction.

Frustrated with always feeling busy, but never moving closer to his goals, he decided to take a step back and focus on his mindset, systems and processes.

Now he has taken back control of his time and has used it to build businesses, get fit and learn new languages. All while working as a software engineer.

He believes that anyone can do this and has made it his mission to help other people turn themselves into productivity machines who can get their hands on whatever they want to.

They Say

Jamie Selby

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author

"You've really unblocked something in my mind...

I just wanted to say thank you, your first lessons on productivity have really blown my mind. I didn't realise how productive I could get in the time that I had."

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